Alzheimer’s Disease and a World in Denial

Ronald Reagan’s last letter to the American people, penned with his own hand in November, 1994, went directly to the point: “My Fellow Americans, I have recently been told that I am one of the millions of Americans who will be afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease.” In this deeply poignant moment, the former President explained that... Continue Reading →

The Terrifying Exploding Head Syndrome

The medical condition provocatively called Exploding Head Syndrome or EHS brings back the disturbingly graphic images of the 1981 sci-fi horror flick Scanners where the main character blew up people’s heads with the power of telekinesis. Fortunately, as ominous as Exploding Head Syndrome sounds, no skulls have actually exploded, and the condition is reassuringly non-life... Continue Reading →

How Dr. Alzheimer Discovered a Disease in an Asylum

Carl didn't know what was happening to his wife.  The German railway clerk from Morfelder Landstasse and his wife Auguste had been happily married for twenty-eight years. The marriage produced one daughter, Thekla, and their marriage had always being harmonious; that is, until one Spring when Auguste suddenly exhibited signs of jealousy. Auguste accused Carl... Continue Reading →

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